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Manchester legends-The Stone Roses opened 1989 with their eponymous classic The Stone Roses. A jangly guitar based album which stands the test of time better than most bands of that era.


Topping the NME's list of Greatest Album Of All Time. Singer Ian Brown, guitarist John Squire, bassist Gary Mountfield (a.k.a.Mani) and drummer Alan Wren (a.k.a.Reni) were the gifted line up that delivered that album. This band revolutionised British pop.


Seizing the moment in the post acid house fall out as they first took Manchester and then the UK, on a swift, swaggering pop adventure that promised so much and yet ultimately burned out, such was their purity of vision. Their songs adorn many a student disco to this day and are still held in high regard more than 10yrs since they disbanded. - ADORED-their definitive tribute,reproduce the sound and atmosphere the originals created with such detailed accuracy,you'd think the Roses had climbed on stage beside them! All the cult classics are here from both studio albums including singles"Waterfall" and "She Bangs The Drums"to the rock out anthem of "I Am The Ressurection"